Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

Since I came back to Seattle  I feel like none of the holidays here feel as festive as Raya Puasa (Eid al Fitr) in Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating on Thanksgiving as much as the people here do – the multiple feasts at multiple locations, serving basically variations of the same dishes – because food is like my number one reason for being in this world. I also like getting free stuff for Christmas. In Malaysia I would be lucky to get a gift on my birthday. Other than that, one has to get married or have a baby if one wants any gift at all (unless your family celebrates Christmas in Malaysia then yeah…).


Being lazy and feeling lazy are two distinct conditions to me. There are many times when I feel lazy but I still get stuff done. Whereas being lazy just simply means not being productive. 80% of the time, when I eat out it’s because I’m being lazy. The remaining 20% is special events and circumstances, e.g. celebration of some kind, time crunch, etc.

Recently I found myself demotivated and well, feeling lazy. This has much to do with the ongoing soul-sucking job hunt and the wet and cold weather that I should have gotten used to by now. As the “kitchenmaster” of my household I refuse to let my domain be used only to boil water for Josh’s pretentious coffee and reheat take-outs. Feeling lazy I may be, but delicious meals I still must make!

In the past few months I have been making a few of the same dishes in huge quantity that lasted for days or even weeks. Three great dishes come to mind:

  1. Beef Taco with Chipotle Seasoning
  2. Pulled Chicken Cooked in Salsa Verde
  3. Szechuanese Mapo Tofu with Eggplant and Ground Chicken.

I easily made three to five pounds of each of these dishes and alternately ate them all with some eating-out meals weaved in between. To go with the first two dishes, I bought:

  • Dozens of tortillas
  • Two huge blocks of sharp cheddar cheese that I painstakingly grated
  • A whole garden of cilantro
  • A cauldron of salsa (I’m too lazy to make it from scratch)
  • All the avocadoes Mexico has available

I swear, even though Josh and I were eating beef and chicken tacos every other day (sometimes we made loaded nachos too), we did not grow tired of it. I saved so much time from not having to cook every meal. I had the cheese grated, cilantro chopped, guacamole made and salsa… bought. The idea was to have all the ingredients ready and that Josh would assemble the tacos on his own when he wanted something to eat. Unfortunately, I still ended up putting together the tacos for every meal. Still, every time it was quicker than cooking every meal from scratch.


As for the Mapo Tofu, I cooked tons of rice and put it in the fridge (it’s always advisable to make fresh rice as to not commit Asian blasphemy, but this post is about laziness). When reheating, I would meld the rice and the dish by stirring them both together in a wok or pot. Most times (when I felt lazy) I just microwaved the rice and the tofu dish together in a big bowl covered with plastic wrap. When doing this, tofu dishes must sandwich the rice to ensure the flavor and aroma of the dish are infused with the somewhat mundane rice. Josh grew up eating a lot of tacos while I, rice. Therefore, in this household I have to make sure there is balance in the Force.


According to some people, I always appear to put a lot effort in what I do. The truth is, it’s not about effort. It’s the thought. It’s about efficiency. It’s about cost and benefit. It’s about getting $#!T done well even when I am feeling lazy.

Welcome to the New Home for Fuzz Food

It often feels like just yesterday but since Fuzz returned to Seattle it feels like he never left. He didn’t bring much with him but one thing he surely did bring is his love of food and cooking. Since returning to Seattle Fuzz has used his creative mind and knowledge of various cooking techniques to whip up a variety of tasty dishes which constantly astound his friends.

Making Roti Canai

Somewhere between then the idea of Fuzz Food was born to track and curate some of the food he was cooking up. This lead to a vibrant collection of pictures which can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Like most digital elements however, it’s best to have a hub to store it all. This site is the new home for Fuzz Food.

The aim of the site is to explore Fuzz Food a little more in-depth. It will also be used to explore the idea of home cooking a bit more and hopefully inspire others to step away from the newest "hot” restaurant and get closer to the hot stove for a bit of culinary magic of their own.

This site is dedicated to Fadzrul, an amazing home cook. Photography and digital support provided by Josh Holland.

Questions, ideas, or feedback on the site? Leave a comment below!

- Josh Holland, Home Cook Assistant, Master Dishwasher, and Longtime Fuzz Food Patron